Anonymous said: Welcome baaaaack! ♥ Also, to the white girl, do you speak Spanish? Just curious :)

Haha thanks! Yes I do know some spanish, been taking a spanish class for the past 3 years ;) have a solid 92 currently lol -Jackie

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Update :)

Hi guys! 

First of all, thank you for the continuous support, it means the world to us <3

I am now able to make SGP on my laptop, which means there will be more because before we just made them on one computer. So now we can both make them :)

So be expecting a few today! 

And submissions are always welcome :)

-Jennica xx

Anonymous said: There's already a blog called latingirlproblems, if anon wants to know, and esta española likes them both. :) When may we expect more Spanish girl problems? ♥

Aw well thank you lovely :) more SGP should be coming soon! ♥ 

Anonymous said: I honestly think that this blog should be called "latin girl problems", because I'm a real Spanish girl and I can tell you that none of the things you post are related to real Spanish young girls.

Well you see, when we say Spanish girls, we do mean like… every latina. We don’t generally mean legit Spanish girls from Spain. We mean everyone. Nowadays people just use the term Spanish rather than Latina, so I guess that’s why we used it. So we’re not using Spanish as a generalization to Spain. We mean it to cover every Latina, even those from South and North America. Now that you mention it, maybe we should’ve used latin girl problems to avoid confusion, but I’m sorry, we’re not going to change it.